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#003 from laughter into silence

a vote comes at the cost of a child

whose laughing has turned

not into crying, and not into mourning

but into silence.

for morning never came.

not for the boy who wanted to run

through green grass and rolling hills

and not from guns.

not for the girl whose dream was to soar

to new heights and new possibilities.


she's now dropped dead on the floor.

but morning came for the man in the office

who hides behind the luxury of White skin

and messed up politics,

of money and agenda, of unending violence.

selfish gain comes at the cost of a child

who knows the ins and outs of lockdowns.

"duck and cover. don't be seen."

now guns are pointed, as police scream,

"duck and hide. don't make a scene."

don't bother lying that you care.

how do you expect our hearts not to bleed

when violence can be felt in the air?

your hate has killed thousands. and thousands still to go.

politics came at the cost of his life.

comfort came at the cost of hers.

but we're being dramatic, they say.

too angry, just yelling for the fame.

say that to the children

whose laughter have been turned

not into crying, and not into mourning,

but into a screaming,


and unending


Some resources to learn about what's going on in Gaza:

Gaza for beginners: (contains social advocacy email templates)

@so.informed Instagram: (super digestible content!)

Disoccupied: (curious about whether a company/brand your purchase from is supporting the ongoing occupation? use this website to know which brands to boycott!)

The New York Times: (teaching resources)

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