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hi there!

i'm jessie, and i absolutely love writing. it’s like grabbing pen and paper and saying, “okay, Heart. okay, Mind. what's up?"

writing is like growing a garden - there's a seed of imagination, and it blooms into something real when i dare to nurture it. and in the process, i get to have fun and play around with expressions, words, and double meanings.

writing is healing. writing is honest. writing is cathartic. and what more joy than to share it with you?

here's what you can expect 1-2 times a week: 

- petals: vignettes & shorter pieces

- thorns: poems of rage & melancholy

- bouquets: essays & longer pieces

- seeds: recommendations (books & music)

- pruning: revival & reformation (faith)

- sunlight: vision & goal-setting (career dev/self dev)

- enjoy the fruit: body image & more

- pieces from guest writers!

Jessie Cheng

so welcome to petals & thorns, where i write about life experiences, body image, learnings, faith, womanhood, and more. this garden has no rules except to grow in grace and honesty. sometimes, though, it gets rough and you’ll wonder, “what’s going on inside her head?” but what is life if not filled with beauties and challenges, the way roses have petals and thorns? 


thank you for being here today. may you continue to bloom with love, and don't forget to subscribe below!

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