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welcome to petals & thorns!

Hi there! How are you?

I'm Jessie. Maybe you're here because you've read the three-part "From Here" series I wrote in 2023, or you're a real one and read my novel Unglamored. One of my 2024 New Year's Resolutions is to publish more writing online, and to challenge myself into releasing different kinds of stuff. Here, you'll find dark poems and vulnerable essays, as well as career advice and book recommendations. There are no limits to writing, and no greater joy than to share it with you.

Who Am I?

What a great question I'm still figuring out. I'm an author, Boston College graduate, music industry professional, public speaker, Christian, musichead, cat lover, coffee fanatic, and mental health advocate. I love dark and dry humor, shameless dancing in public, vinyls, and non-fiction books. Oh, I also love to sing and eat croissants.

But very importantly, I love writing. Always, I encourage exploring our emotions and understanding what they are trying to tell us. Writing is like grabbing pen and paper and saying, “Okay, Heart. Okay, Mind. Enough screaming. What's up?" It's like growing a garden - there's a seed of imagination, and it blooms into something real when I dare to nurture it. And in the process, I get to have fun and play around with expressions, words, and double meanings. Pretty cool.

I also have an irrational obsession with roses. It's been 22 years and I still do not understand why.

Here's What You Can Expect 1-2 Times a Month:

- petals: vignettes & shorter pieces

- thorns: poems of rage & melancholy

- bouquets: essays & longer pieces

- seeds: recommendations (books & music)

- pruning: revival & reformation (faith)

- sunlight: vision & goal-setting (career & self-development)

- enjoy the fruit: body image & more

Why Petals & Thorns?

I love writing about life experiences, body image, learnings, faith, womanhood, and more. I'm an optimistic and joyful person, but I'm also dark and honest. You might be here to get some career advice, and then flip to the next page and wonder, “Goodness. What’s going on inside her head?” But what is life if not filled with beauties and challenges, the way roses have petals and thorns? The duality of life is what makes it interesting, complex, and worth boldly experiencing.

I hope you delve deeper into self-understanding and grace. May you continue to bloom with love.

Thank you for being here today, and don't forget to subscribe!  

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