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Wake up. Train. Sleep. Repeat. Socializing not encouraged. Eating not recommended.

Welcome to the life of Chinese American pop star Rose B.D. The headlines will tell you that the thin, talented, and adored Flower Princess of Shanghai has it all. No one suspects that dangerous struggles linger beneath the surface – not even Rose herself. But after crossing paths with outgoing college student Lucas, Rose’s eyes are quickly opened to the reality of what living in the spotlight means. When symptoms of an eating disorder become too much to ignore, Rose finds herself having to choose between the life she has worked so hard to build and the severe aftermath of neglecting her needs.

Through Rose’s story, Cheng shines a light on the inadequate conversation surrounding mental health within the entertainment industry. In Unglamored, beauty standards within Asian culture are challenged, the power of celebrity influence is recognized, and readers are reminded that true healing comes through vulnerability and meaningful human connection.

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